Community Projects

Since its incorporation in 2007, the Burlington Community Fund (BCF) has been involved in many projects which benefit the Burlington area.

Our initial project was the renovation of the former Veterans Building, now Veterans Terrace at Echo Park.  This venue has become a mainstay to the well-being of Burlington.  It now provides a beautiful venue for weddings, corporate events, and special occasions.  At the same time, it provides a place for all veterans groups at no cost, and is available for special fundraisers and general service to the community.  Veterans Terrace at Echo Park has been wonderfully executed, and has been well received by the community.

Because of this unique arrangement, BCF is able to use profits from Veterans Terrace in providing grants to other non-profit groups in the Burlington area.  BCF also operates as a liaison between donors and their chosen local charities.

In the area of education, BCF has provided funding to local schools, both in the public and private school systems. These grants include many sports, music and theater programs, learning tools, and necessary repairs and building upgrades. BCF also presents yearly scholarships to qualified students.

In the area of local humanitarian activities, BCF has partnered often with Love, Inc. and Transitional Living Center, providing much needed funding for specific projects.  BCF has also partnered with other local non-profits.

We have enhanced Echo Park by renovating the historic Gazebo with necessary repairs, and a new upgrade which includes opening one portion of the railing to the viewing area for better visibility of functions held there. The BCF has also coordinated with United Way in providing the Born Learning Trail which has been installed in Echo Park near the playground, which is a learning tool for young children and their parents or caretakers.

In 2017 BCF instituted and managed a Flood Relief Fund for the victims of the local July flood.  In addition to funds provided by the BCF, donations were received from other foundations, service organizations, and individuals.  Over $538,000 was distributed to 200 individual families and clients of Love, Inc. through this program.

 The BCF continues to be pro-active in making Burlington a wonderful place to call home, by sponsoring the Chocolate Fest parade, supporting the Burlington Pool, and bringing the Racine Symphony to local schools for their Learning Experience Program.       

The list of grantees can be found in our ‘Organizations That Benefit’ section.