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Grant-Award Guidelines

The Burlington Community Fund (BCF) Grants Committee and Board of Directors use the following guidelines when awarding or declining grant requests. These are guidelines only and exceptions may be made on the recommendation of the Grants Committee and approval of the Board of Directors.

Community Grants

  • Grants that address any community need that is supported by our Mission Statement

We fund the following:

  • Non-profit agencies, organizations or governmental entities that are state and federal tax exempt.
  • Established citizen committees, groups, or individuals wishing to complete a community project for the benefit of the general public of Greater Burlington area.

The Burlington Community Fund does Not generally fund:

  • Annual fund drives, capital campaigns, or general solicitation requests
  • Establishment of, or contribution to, endowment funds
  • Requests for emergency funding or other financial shortfalls
  • General operating budgets

In considering results, the Burlington Community Fund will operate without discrimination as to age, race, sex, religion, or national origin and will award grants only to agencies, organizations and individuals that do not discriminate as to age, race, sex, religion or national origin.

Grants are awarded quarterly. During this granting process, grant applications will also be submitted to Donor Advised Fund Representatives for their review and consideration.

Preference will be given to grant applications that:

  • Respond to current, emerging and/or increasing needs
  • Create a new program / project that is needed but not a duplication
  • Strengthen volunteer participation and citizen involvement in community concerns

Each Grant Request will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Relevancy to the Mission Statement of the Burlington Community Fund
  • Identification of a clear need
  • Capacity of the organization or individual to carry out the Grant Request
  • Demonstrated need for resources from the Burlington Community Fund vs. other available resources
  1. All grants will be considered from the perspective of community betterment in the general fields of concern covered under “Criteria for Grants.”
  2. The BCF encourages applicants to secure matching gifts when appropriate.
  3. Grant dollars must be used for the purpose stated in the grant application. Those dollars not used for the specified purpose must be returned to the Burlington Community Fund.
  4. The Burlington Community Fund will decline grant requests for:
    • lobbying efforts or political action groups
    • labor unions
    • individual needs
    • grant-making foundations
  5. The Burlington Community Fund may decline grant requests for:
    • endowment funds
    • building funds
    • research, travel or publication by individuals except in compliance with the directives of donors of funds within the Foundation
    • unanticipated short term deficits
  6. In some instances, the Burlington Community Fund will be involved in collaborations for new projects or programs. In those situations, the following additional guidelines are used when reviewing the grant request:

A representative named by the Burlington Community Fund may serve on the Board or Committee governing the new project or program for the duration of BCF’s funding support.

The organization must include its multi-year funding and strategic plans with its grant application.

While the BCF will indicate its length of support for the collaborative, the organization must submit a grant follow-up report each year for that year’s funding. If the new program or project is not fulfilling its mission and meeting its fiscal and program goals, funding could be modified.


Criteria for Grants

The special concerns of the Burlington Community Fund fall into the following general areas:

Arts & Culture –

To support artistic expression, artistic performance, arts programming and organizations, expanding understanding of culture/diversity, public art installation, historical preservation, and projects that support the arts, history or culture.

Burlington Public Parks –

(with the emphasis on Echo Park)

Community Fund –

Grants to organizations and programs deemed to be of the greatest importance or need by the Burlington Community Fund Board of Directors.

Education –

Grants to support programs and general projects in any private, public or parochial educational facility. This includes all forms of literacy, individual development, leadership and skills enhancement, and improving human minds in an educational setting.

Environment –

Grants to support outdoor wildlife habitat, green space, water quality, clean air, and projects that improve our outdoor environment.

Helping People –

Grants to organizations and programs that identify local need priorities for services of general human growth and benefit, focusing on the underprivileged.

Wellness –

Grants to support nutrition; to improve or provide human health and well-being; and to provide health care delivery, medical services, personal health maintenance, general mental health, sports activities, exercise or outdoor activities.

Within these broad areas of special concern, the BCF will look for programs:

  • that have a positive impact on the Greater Burlington Area (“Community”)
  • that show promise but need testing in the community
  • that deal with basic community needs in which the BCF grant will make a discernible difference

The funds available to satisfy grant requests are limited. Unfortunately all worthwhile grant requests cannot always be fulfilled. Burlington Community Fund recommends that it not be the only funding source for an organization and its programs.

A decision to deny a grant does not imply that the BCF has rejected the merit of the proposal, the need it addresses, or the organization itself.

Burlington Community Fund considers the Greater Burlington Area to include the area within a ten mile radius of Veterans Terrace at Echo Park in Burlington, Wisconsin.


Application Procedure

A grant application form available from the BCF (online at or at Veterans Terrace must be completed in its entirety and must include the following attachments:

  • Detailed budget for the project or program for which the grant is being requested.
  • Detailed organization budget-current year.
  • Current financial statement (balance sheet and operating statement).
  • List of organization’s current Board of Directors.
  • Copy of the Internal Revenue Service ruling or determination letters of status under Section 501(c)(3) and 509 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code, if applicable.
  • List of Organization’s professional advisors (CPA’s attorneys, investment advisors)

Submit application. Your grant request will be reviewed at the next BCF Board of Directors Meeting.

A member or members of the BCF’s Board will be assigned to review the grant proposal and will contact you to discuss the request.

The proposal is then reviewed by the entire Board. The Board will act on all proposal recommendations during their regular board meetings. The decision of the Board is final.

Written notification of the BCF Board’s decision follows the quarterly board meeting. Grant support should not be assumed until written notification has been received.

All grant recipients are required to provide the BCF with a Grant Follow-up Report. This report is due to the BCF one month after the project is completed. The Grant Follow-up Report is on our website for your convenience. ( Failure to complete this report will affect future grant requests.

Thank you for your interest in the Burlington Community Fund.


Grant Application Process

  1. Your grant request must be submitted on the application form provided online. If you reproduce this application in another format, it will not be reviewed by the BCF’s Board of Directors.
  2. Make sure to include all information requested. If any of the information or required attachments is missing, your grant request will not be reviewed by the BCF’s Board.
  3. Submitted application will be emailed to entire Board. Then please mail one copy and any supporting documents to:
    Burlington Community Fund, Ltd.
    P. O. Box 546
    Burlington, WI 53105
  4. If you have any questions after you review this information, you may contact us by e-mail through this website under ‘Contact’, write to us at P O Box 546, Burlington, Wisconsin, or contact any of the Board members listed under About Us.
  5. The Grant Follow-up Report is available on our website.

The deadlines for grant submissions are: January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15.

Again, thank you for your interest in the Burlington Community Fund. We look forward to hearing from you soon.