We are so excited to have new, safe, updated equipment for our students in the theatre program.  The spotlights will arrive in time for our musical.

~ The BHS Theatre Arts Team

On behalf of everyone at CATHE, thank you for generously granting our request!  We are in the process of confirming our projector purchase, and scheduling our first film ever!

~ The CATHE Center

This project has made our existing bleachers more stable and secure, plus it will increase the longevity and use of them for the school.  It is much safer for the elderly to use the bleachers now.  Without this grant, we would have had to put off this project until enough funds were raised.

~ Catholic Central High School

Thanks to the Burlington Community Fund, TLC is now the owner of a 2014 Dodge Caravan.

~ Transitional Living Center

We would like to thank you for the grant to support installation of the Born Learning Trail signs at Echo Park.  We are excited about our new partnership and look forward to working with you.

~ United Way of Racine

Thank you for your most generous donation towards the purchase of wheelchairs and walkers.  They will help people from the Burlington area.  Again, many thanks for this donation and all the donations you have made to and for our community.

~ Ross Wilcox American Legion Post 79

Our gratitude to the Burlington Community Fund for a grant to be used for medication for patients of the Burlington free clinic.

~ Health Care Network

We appreciate the support from the Burlington Community Fund.  Without it, this year we wouldn’t have been able to cover the costs of the rental/rights fees from Musical Theatre International.

~ Burlington High School Koral Klub

Your grant was used to put a new covering on our roof above our food pantry.  The leaks got to be so bad that we had to close the pantry when we got a heavy rain.  The workers, volunteers and clients could not be happier.  They are so pleased they do not have the buckets in the middle of the floor to trip over.  We appreciate everything that has been done.

~ Love, Inc.

From recipients of the Flood Relief Program 

‘This is truly an answer to a prayer!  With my husband only getting part-time hours and replacing the damages, I am beyond grateful!  May God bless and reward you all abundantly!!’

~ Nicole

‘Words are inadequate to express how very much we appreciate your generous grant toward the rebuilding of our home.  One doesn’t truly appreciate the value of this until you need it!  Then it means more than you can express.  Thank you so much for helping and blessing so many of us here in the Burlington area.  You truly are a blessing from God.’

~ Martin and Sharon

‘For the ones that made these past few months of worry, hopelessness and stress come to an end – words alone will never convey my gratitude, and just how thankful I am!  I am blown away.  Last week I was let go from my job, as my position was eliminated.  I was feeling defeated, not knowing what I was going to do.  Thank you for making me ‘believe’ again. This is definitely something that has no price tag.’ 

~ Billie

‘My husband and I thank you for the grant amount we received.  It will indeed help a lot as we replace our lost items.  We are very grateful for the assistance.  A wonderful community indeed.’ 

~ Maureen

‘Thank you so much for the check which is being used to help us clean up and replace the loss of so much.  Organizations like yours have made us love living in Burlington for 57 years a wonderful experience.’ 

~ Joan and Don

‘We are humbled and incredibly grateful for your generosity!  You have truly helped brighten a dark situation.  May God bless each and every one of you!’ 

~ Jon and Connie

‘Our community is already a wonderful place to live and this just helps to reinforce that reality.  Thank you for your assistance.’

~ Joel