Types of Funds

Choose from our different funds to best suit your style of philanthropy –
We offer seven categories of funds, each designed to meet a specific need, and allowing a full range of possibilities for individuals, families, groups or organizations.

Designated Fund
This fund will support one particular charity – forever. This is an endowment fund, and if the charity dissolves, the Burlington Community Fund would direct the funds to a comparable organization. A Designated Fund can be created with a minimum of $15,000. Learn more at the Designated Fund Narrative and the Designated Fund Agreement.

Field of Interest Fund
This fund can be created to give to a particular area of interest. The donor can identify a narrow or broad issue that would benefit from this fund. The Burlington Community Fund would then identify projects that support these particular interests. This fund can be established with a minimum of $15,000 and is an endowment fund. Learn more at the Field of Interest Fund Narrative and the Field of Interest Fund Agreement.

Donor Advised Fund
This fund gives maximum flexibility to the donor, allowing for distribution recommendations throughout the year to charities of choice. This fund is an excellent alternative to private or family foundations. This is an endowment fund, and can begin with a minimum of $15,000. Learn more at the Donor Advised Fund Narrative and the Donor Advised Fund Agreement.

Scholarship Fund
Intended specifically for education of students, this fund provides a wonderful opportunity to support this popular philanthropic need. Donor can design this particular fund to specific educational institutions, recipient selection, and scholarship distribution. This is an endowment fund and can be created with a minimum of $15,000. Learn more at the Scholarship Fund Narrative and the Scholarship Fund Agreement.

Unrestricted Fund
The Burlington Community Fund has a competitive grant request program from many wonderful organizations in the community. This fund would allow for additional funding so that these requests can be met. Requests are reviewed quarterly, and fall into seven categories: Arts and Culture, Burlington Public Parks, Community Fund, Education, Environment, Helping People, and Wellness. See more information in our Grant Awards Guidelines. This is an endowment fund and can be established with a minimum of $15,000. Learn more at the Unrestricted Fund Narrative and the Unrestricted Fund Agreement.

Acorn Fund
This fund allows the donor to build the fund over a period of time. Rather than giving $15,000 immediately to establish an endowment, a minimum annual contribution of $1500 is pledged. When $15,000 is reached, the Acorn Fund can mature to any of the endowment funds listed above. Learn more at the Acorn Fund Narrative and the Acorn Fund Agreement.

Pass-Through Fund
This fund is intended for short-term use for current charitable giving purposes. This fund allows for a lump sum contribution utilizing the tax benefits, and then recommending distribution to the charities at a later date. A Pass-Through Fund can be established with a minimum of $1000. Learn more at the Pass-Through Fund Narrative and the Pass-Through Fund Agreement.