Organizations that Benefit

The Burlington Community Fund has supported local citizens and non-profits groups in two ways – through our grant-making process, and by providing free or reduced access to Veterans Terrace for philanthropic purposes.

This support is generated by income from Veterans Terrace for weddings, banquets, and general use of the facility, and by donations to the Burlington Community Fund.

In the short time we have been in existence, the following organizations have benefited through these means.


Thanks to the generosity of philanthropists who call our community home, BCF continues to thrive and expand its influence.

The BCF is a liaison between donors who want to make a difference and organizations that provide services and programs in our area. We are able to connect people who care with causes dedicated to the community of Burlington. Corporations and businesses have theability to consolidate their giving, and philanthropy can flourish.

The Burlington Community Fund makes it easy for people who want to help the community with the assistance of a trusted, respectable organization that will treat their donations with the highest regard and will make sure those funds go straight to the causes the donor holds dear. Honoring the philanthropic intentions of Burlington’s citizens is the BCF’s highest calling.